Packing Service South London

A packing service is a service whereby we provide you with experienced packers to come in to your property - usually at least one day in advance of the removal date - to pack the contents of your property into cartons.
We also provide all the materials such as bubble wrap, tissue paper, tape, various size cartons, wardrobe cartons for clothes, paper blankets, heavy plastic for soft furnishings and furniture blankets for the process.
From the contents of the kitchen cupboards, books, clothes, ornaments,records, cds, pictures food, cleaning goods etc, we pack everything into boxes using the correct materials.

Based on the size of your property we are usually able to give you a very accurate quote for the packing service inclusive of all the materials.
For properties larger than a two bed flat it is usually a requirement for us to speak to you in depth or arrange to visit the property, but if you are looking for a guide to our usual charges, please see our guide below.

Please note that the guides below are based on charges including materials, as we arrange a free collection of the used materials for recycling after you have finished unpacking.


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​Packing Service Charges

Property size

Estimated time required to pack

Packers required

Estimated charge

Studio Flat

up to 6 hours

1- 2 packers

between £150 and £200

1 bedroom flat

6 to 8 hours

2 packers


2 bedroom flat/maisonette

8-10 hours

2 packers

£375 per day

3 bedroom flat

8-10 hours

2-3 packers

£500 per day

3 bedroom house

1-2 days

3 packers

£650 per day pro rata

4 bedroom house

2 to 3 days

3 packers

£750 per day pro rata

5 plus bedroom house

3 to 4 days

3 packers

£825 per day pro rata